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verri organized is a wellness company dedicated to not only organizing the lives and minds or people in home and business settings, but also to teaching people about the benefits of being organized and how it contributes to one's overall wellness and health. Using a practical and empathetic approach, verri organized offers solutions customized to meet your needs, and works with you, in confidence to reach your goals. From spatial and home organization to file efficiency and system building, verri organized will determine the best plan of action, the most effective systems to get you verri organized and help you stay that way. ABOUT THE OWNER: Francesca Verri Gove started verri organized in 2002 with the goal of helping people feel better about their job, their home, and their lives through organization -- both mental and physical. Having a knack for making order out of chaos and a passion for creating workable systems to improve efficiency, Francesca shares her talent to help mothers, business owners and professionals, home buyers and even children! A former assistant dean at a college outside of Boston, Francesca speaks to parents, college students and businesses on how to get and stay organized, and coaches anyone who wants to live a more stress-free life! Francesca believes life should be "light" and in order to experience it in that way we need to look at what we have, assess our systems, and believe in our own ability to become Verri Organized.