National Shop Local Day and Buy Local Week 2011

Annual surveys over the last four years show that places that “go local” do better. For example, last year, the Institute for Local Self Reliance gathered data on annual revenue changes from nearly 2,800 independent businesses. That data revealed independent businesses in communities executing long-term “buy local and independent” campaigns averaged a healthy 5.6 percent increase over the previous year. This gain more than doubled the 2.1 percent increase reported by independent businesses in areas lacking such campaigns. All of those campaigns operated with support from recognized organizational leaders like the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) and/or Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).

What can consumers do to help?

On November 19th, communities around the continent will be urged to “unchain” for a day, to maximize the impact of their dollars and inject potentially millions more into the local economy through joining other residents to do their shopping, dining out and other business only with locally-owned independent businesses.

November 25 through December 4 is National Buy Local Week 2011 which will be celebrated by local business networks across the US and Canada. Buy Local Week reaches out to consumers for their help and support. It is also a great opportunity for locally owned businesses to work together to increase the local economic impact of holiday spending, create more jobs, more tax revenue and a more stable local economy.

Because locally owned businesses spend substantially more money locally, they typically generate two to four times the economic multiplier benefit for their communities as do non-local businesses. As holiday season spending represents the largest chunk of revenue for retailers in a single year, a shift of just 10% of holiday spending toward locally owned businesses has the potential to create an impact of billions in economic activity in just two months. provides access to resources for shop local campaigns, including templates that allow anyone to spread the message easily in their community. Anyone can participate and make a direct impact where they live. For more information on how you can help strengthen your local economy by shifting buying patterns and why the trend is important to communities, visit the following trusted web sites:

American Independent Business Alliance
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies