The following links will provide additional information on Local First organizations, resources and initiatives.

BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies)
BALLE brings together local business leaders to share ideas and learn how to effectively build local economies. Co-founded in 2001 by Cambridge resident and Cambridge Local First Clerk Laury Hammel. BALLE has now grown to include local networks from all over North America. BALLE provides local, state, national, and international resources to this new model of economic development.
ILSR (Institute for Local Self Reliance)
The institute's mission is to provide innovative strategies, working models and timely information to support environmentally sound and equitable community development. ILSR works with citizens, activists, policymakers and entrepreneurs to design systems, policies and enterprises that meet local or regional needs, to maximize human material, natural and financial resources, and to ensure that the benefits of these systems and resources accrues to all local citizens.